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Enterprise mission

¡ñ Kaihua bring you comfort£¡

Enterprise core values

¡ñ Honesty Integrity
¡ñ Trust and Respect for the Individual
¡ñ Continuous Innovation
¡ñ Importance of Performance
¡ñ Pursuing Excellence
¡ñ Attention to Attitude and Details

 Enterprise spirit

¡ñ Honesty£ºSeeking Truth from Facts, Honest Attitude
¡ñ Innovation£ºReady for a change, accepting challenges and embracing new ideas
¡ñ Harmony£ºCooperation between Customers, Employees and Suppliers
¡ñ Development£º Importance of Achievement, Steady Development

Operation Philosophy

¡ñ People-oriented
¡ñ Quality-first
¡ñ Keeping New Ideas
¡ñ Sustainable Operation

Service Philosophy

¡ñ We create value for our customers.