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State Hi-Tech Enterprise
Key Enterprise in large-scale injection mold in China
Became a member of The China Die & Mold Industry Association
Technology-based SME in Zhejjiang
Zhejiang SMEs Technology Center---Zhejiang KAIHUA MOLDS & D established
Honored as a model of Enterprise and Innovation Management in Zhejiang
We were certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System by TUV Rheinland.
Received an approval for the State Torch Plan Industrialization Project -
"Hidden Parting Line Car Bumper Precision Molding"
General Manager Liang Zhenghua was granted the ¡°Taizhou Young Entrepreneurs Award¡±.
KAIHUA Municipal Large Automotive Plastic Molding R & D Center established
In-threaded double-sided drawing structure for Auto water tank Molding (State Torch Plan)
Zhejiang Hi-Tech R & D Center Established
Certificate of Good Trading Practice Standard

National New Products:
Injection Wrench Case mold for OPEL
Front Bumper Injection Mold for GM
Rear Bumper Injection Mold for BENZ
Rear Bumper Injection Mold for FAW-VOLKSWAGEN
Front Grille Hot press Molding for VOLVO
Interior Trim Injection Mold for Citroen, France
DENSO water tank Injection Mold
Great Wall Up and Low Instrument Panel Injection Mold

State Torch Plan
Hidden Parting Line Car Bumper Injection Mold
In-threaded double-sided drawing structure for Auto Cistern Injection Mold

1st Award in Precision Molding
Pipe Fitting A/B Injection Mold
FIAT BRAVO water tank Injection mold

2008 Provincial Level New Products:
Precision Injection Mold for Peugeot Water Chamber
Precision Injection Mold for Nissan Radiator Frame
Injection Mold for Mercedes-Benz Automobile Rear Bumper